Not expanding your work

I was talking to an artist recently. She is studying a videogame design course – specifically on the art front – but told me that she does not play games at all. That is a giant red flag to me. If I am an employer in that sector my interview questions are simple; “what are your inspirations?” and “what games do you play?” and if I get an answer back along the lines of “none” – then my decision is almost made for me.


How can someone possibly be training in a field that they demonstrate absolutely no interest in? Imagine hiring someone in PR who does not read the news? Or employing a chef who does not eat out and appreciate other people’s work? Someone who understands the industry they work in, someone who enjoys that industry as well is going to learn quicker, be more willing to try new things in that industry than someone who demonstrates no interest at all.

Unpaid work – a double edged sword

This is something that should resonate with a lot of people at the moment. As Cameron’s “employment” figures go up thanks to zero hour contracts and free labour many people are finding themselves working “internships” or “work experience” placements in the hope that one of them helps them to find a job. While the promise of that experience is a good one, we need to be very careful about why those placements are being offered and what the benefits are.


Your CV will look a little better, certainly, with the addition of some placements and experience but, at the same time, what are you giving up for that? Not only your time, usually unpaid, is given up – but oftentimes these placements are in big, expensive cities so it’s costing you money to work. The company, too, loses nothing as they gain free labour for extended periods of time (usually with multiple people over the year.

Supply Teacher Jobs Grimsby

Teaching job does not only mean to pass on your knowledge and skill, it also provides you opportunity to remain updated. The profession of teaching offers an individual to work in different kind of environment. Hence, you get a chance to understand new people and culture, which contributes in their growth as a teacher and as an individual as well. According to your interest and area of expertize you can choose area in which you feel comfortable. You can get into preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle school or secondary school teaching. And, if you do not feel comfortable in school teaching, you have the option to jump into other fields, such as, adult education, training, tutoring and many such non- traditional field of education. And, if you do not feel comfortable in school teaching, you have the option to jump into other fields, such as, adult education, training, tutoring and many such non- traditional field of education.

Supply teaching is a great experience which helps individuals who have the passion for teaching to take up a job when they want to. They are like freelancers who provide their services only when required. It has both the positives and the negatives but it provides an opportunity to interact with a new set of children and new people on a daily basis which provides exposure as well. It can be a fun filling and thrilling experience if you are well prepared for it and are willing to learn as well. 

Learning to drive late

I used to be quite ashamed of this fact, in fact, even a couple of weeks ago it is something I would probably have lied about or avoided. I do not drive. Not yet, anyway. I never got round to learning how and then when I was working part time I didn’t have the money, then when I worked full time I didn’t have the time to learn. Since going freelance, however, time is of the plenty. I have started, in earnest, to learn how to drive. Do not ask me for my motivations as to why I am doing it now; but suffice to say some of them are not that great.. or noble.


Regardless; learning something as you get older (especially something that many people make look so basic) can be a little bit daunting. You feel a bit stupid for leaving it late, you feel a little bit worthless when your friends talk about it and that puts you off even more. But don’t be downtrodden; just suck it up and get to learning.

Marketing lessons


One thing that we are always told is “businesses need good marketing.” But what does that mean? Do we rely on people who have years of experience in the field of business or marketing? Are their ideas evolving though? There are many young people coming through University or making their own businesses who are the future of the field. These people are often overlooked in smaller to medium sized businesses though.


That’s why they stay that way though. Those big businesses are always on the hunt for new talent, new ideas and new people. Allowing them to flourish. They know that to stay at the top they need fresh ideas, lest they get bogged down somewhere in the middle. These smaller companies need to embrace the future of marketing; either by allowing their current staff some education, or by allowing newer hires to express their ideas more readily.