Learning to drive late

I used to be quite ashamed of this fact, in fact, even a couple of weeks ago it is something I would probably have lied about or avoided. I do not drive. Not yet, anyway. I never got round to learning how and then when I was working part time I didn’t have the money, then when I worked full time I didn’t have the time to learn. Since going freelance, however, time is of the plenty. I have started, in earnest, to learn how to drive. Do not ask me for my motivations as to why I am doing it now; but suffice to say some of them are not that great.. or noble.


Regardless; learning something as you get older (especially something that many people make look so basic) can be a little bit daunting. You feel a bit stupid for leaving it late, you feel a little bit worthless when your friends talk about it and that puts you off even more. But don’t be downtrodden; just suck it up and get to learning.

Marketing lessons


One thing that we are always told is “businesses need good marketing.” But what does that mean? Do we rely on people who have years of experience in the field of business or marketing? Are their ideas evolving though? There are many young people coming through University or making their own businesses who are the future of the field. These people are often overlooked in smaller to medium sized businesses though.


That’s why they stay that way though. Those big businesses are always on the hunt for new talent, new ideas and new people. Allowing them to flourish. They know that to stay at the top they need fresh ideas, lest they get bogged down somewhere in the middle. These smaller companies need to embrace the future of marketing; either by allowing their current staff some education, or by allowing newer hires to express their ideas more readily.

Cooking for couples


Training comes in all shapes and sizes; from business to pleasure, from dancing to IT, from floral arranging to cooking. No matter what you choose the premise will be the same; you will need to find the right class for you. That means the tutor, the course and your classmates will all need to fit the bill; environment is crucial to learning. When it comes to couples cooking, though, your partner is just as important (sorry if it is your husband or wife!)
Typically these classes put you and your partner under the tutelage of a chef, possibly along with other couples, and teach you to cook one particular dish. You will get put through the rigours of food prep; washing, cutting, dicing into all shapes and sizes before moving onto the actual cooking; working as a team to best prepare the dish, dividing tasks between you. The plus is you will both be able to take credit for you achievement and wow your friends at dinner parties.

Training to help the job search


For many people job seeking can be one of the most depressing, time consuming and energy sapping activities that you could possibly do with your time. It can be especially difficult when you are competing with people who have a lot more experience or qualifications than you do. You find yourself giving up on jobs before you have even started because you have sold yourself short. But what about if you did some online training? Or maybe even attended a course at your local college?
All of a sudden with some qualifications behind you you can start to feel a little bit more confident about yourself and your chances of employment going forward. So crack open the Yellow Pages, go online and check out your local college and see what they offer. It shows determination, the willingness to learn and you’ll get something out of it.

Habits: Can you train the mind?


I have some terrible habits. Things I have picked up over the years that have been difficult to shake; whether it be food or drinks that I know are bad for me, slouching in my chair or not standing up straight – I have collected a few bad ones. There is talk, however, that you can train your mind and body to ditch these bad habits, or even to start up new ones that you’d like to incorporate in your life. There is even a supposed time frame that you can adopt to help.

21 days. Twenty one days is all it takes to form or lose one of these habits, as such there specific programmes available to help train you in this three week long exercise of self discipline. Have a look on YouTube if you’re looking for a 21 day Yoga programme, get rid of the junk in your fridge today and go shopping for smoothies to have you covered for a couple of weeks, or get rid of your crisps and chocolates and replace them with a supply of rice cakes. By eliminating the temptation we go a long way to fixing these issues.