Graduate Opportunities With Barclays.

If you are a graduate with a relevant background that will be well suited for a career at Barlcays, then you should look at applying for one of their graduate opportunities on their website. Barclays have a large global presence and a diverse range of employees from all kinds of different backgrounds. Whether your going for a finance related role, IT, sales, marketing, customer services, etc… they have a wide range of opportunities to suit your needs. You can follow Barclays on Twitter and keep up to date with their latest news and what’s going on in their company, so if your interested in taking up a role with Barclays you can be... Read More »

Using LinkedIn To Showcase Skills and Experiences

If you are a recent graduate with various skills, abilities and experiences from University and some Freelance based work, you should ideally have an account on LinkedIn. If you have an account on Linked in already then you should do all you can to showcase what your good at and what you are looking for in order to be headhunted by companies looking to hire within your field of expertise’s. If you don’t have an account on LinkedIn, it’s best to create one and start opening up the doors to new opportunities. If your visible and have something to showcase your more likely to be head hunted by various companies who... Read More »

Using Twitter, Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms For Graduates

Another useful took for graduates is the use of social media to further their career. If you as a graduate have tried the usual avenues to look for work but have had a series of bad interviews, or started in a job with a company that was not right for you it might be worth observing the feeds and news updates of those companies on the various social media platforms. Some of the smaller companies might not have a social media presence so your going to be out of luck if that’s the case, but the companies that really interest you as a grad that are on Social media Platforms... Read More »

Using Milkround To Find Graduate Opportunities

There a number of site out there that offer recruitment opportunities for graduates, and they each have their own specific collections of jobs for a particular field such as, IT, Health Care, Teaching, etc… Some of those sites have a tendency to spur up the same listed jobs also hosted on other sites such as totaljobs, reed, etc… so you may end up wasting time looking at the same listed jobs on other sites. Milkround is different and usually it’s specifically catered for Graduate Jobs, Schemes & Internships that are not usually repeated across different sites. The site is very easy to use and whatever your looking for your bound to find... Read More »

What To Do to Further Your Career After Graduation

If you have been unable to secure employment after graduation, you may want to redefine what your looking for, and only after that will you start to explore other options. Firstly have you considered going further out of your home region too look for work? If this is not viable to you due to family commitments then try looking for a way you can expand your skills more locally; courses are a good idea of course, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to study again. Another option is to take a similarly related job of a lower position if you really want to work for a... Read More »