Why Should You Consider Supply Teaching

Supply teachers play an important role in almost every school. They cover the absence of the teachers. Supply teachers March are dedicated to performing hard work. In most of the cases, their job is satisfied and rewarding. Currently, many teachers are opting supply teaching jobs instead of the permanent one as they find this option more flexible. Moreover, a supply teacher is free to choose the classes and to concentrate on his own development. Another benefit of the supply teaching is that you will find enough opportunity to prove your efficiency and to experience new and different things as you will not be regulated by any particular school curriculum. As... Read More »

Should You Take Online Courses to Expand Your Skills?

Taking an online course is not for everybody, as you may have a regular scheduled meeting via a multi-user conference video on Skype at a set time that you might not be able to attend due to other things in life taking priority at those times. You may also have to travel miles to the Course centre to attend a class for about an hour and on one day during each week for the the duration of the course, this can be off-putting but the hours they usually require to study are only a few hours each week so you may be able to shift things around in your life,... Read More »

Changing Fields of Expertise

At some point in our lives, we have to take a new¬†direction in our careers and most likely change the field we have experience and are qualified in. This is not something that should be done quickly and it should always be a transition from one to the other. The very first thing to remember is that it’s not going to be easy and that you will most likely fail first time around, so always be well prepared and if things do go south get back up and try again. When you start thinking about changing fields really think about what you love doing in conjunction with what you want... Read More »

Expanding Skills and Experience In the Work Place

traffic-sign-809006_1280When you land a job after graduation it won’t just end there, as you should always be learning and developing your skills and abilities, also gaining experience along the way. Never be complacent in your job thinking that you are doing ok and that you will have a long term position in your job. Remember that you should always be expanding your skills and learning on the job as you progress and work on different tasks and problems, whether complex or not. If you make yourself valuable to the company and the work that you are doing is being noticed and as a result you become an asset to the... Read More »

Going the Freelance Route

entrepreneur-593371_1280Recent graduates looking for work after university may encounter difficulties in securing employment, even with a good degree. The amount of grads out there all looking for a job is going to be high, and the search is going to be highly competitive and your skill level won’t match most of what the employers are looking for, as they often aim too high with unrealistic requirements in the hope to find a rare commodity; you could try graduate schemes for a better chance to get in the door, but again it’s highly competitive. So how do you stand out from the rest and ensure you get noticed? For software type... Read More »