Getting into a Good Company

Everybody has a different definition of a good job and a good company. There are some companies, though, that are generally acknowledged to be good to work for. They tend to be known for looking after their staff and offering them a great career. Here are some ways to tell if you are applying to a good company: Look them up. Find out about their finances on Companies House and see how long they have been in business. Find out about career progression. A good company should offer all-round careers and good options for flexible employment. Talk to current members of staff. See if you can ask them honest questions... Read More »

Learning a New Language to Work Abroad

Living abroad is an exciting opportunity and something that lots of people aspire to do. If this is the case for you, the first step is finding a suitable position abroad that will suit your skills and interests. If you are moving to a country where English is not the first language, you will also need to learn the language before you move there. You can only really learn a language properly by spending time in a country that speaks that language. However, you will be able to learn the basics before you go and this is highly advisable. Find a local language school and begin some classes or use... Read More »

First Job as A Fresh Graduate in Open Source Web Development

If you have just graduated and are looking for your first job in the field, be prepared for sharks who want to hire you to cover for holiday, or to solve a problem within their company using your fresh thinking. If you have found one of these companies they will lie about the starting wage that was advertised and pay you significantly less, and if your desperate or too eager to work you will most likely take the job anyway. So if you have ended up in one of these companies and been let go soon after, then don’t fret. List the work you did as freelance for the duration... Read More »

Software Engineering Graduate Scheme at Travis Perkins

If your looking to start your career in software engineering and want to work for a great company, then Travis Perkins offer a well structure graduate program that will open up new doors for you and your career. Usually the starting salary is around £25,000 PA, and you will be among the best and brightest of graduates working on some truly exciting and engaging projects. But you have to be prepared to work hard in a fast paced environment, and adhere to deadlines to complete the work that you are given on time. If this has interested you then you should look online for the Software Engineering graduates Schemes and when... Read More »

University Degree or Work Experience?

When you graduate University you may find that you can’t get work because you don’t have any commercial experience in the field that your going into, and your degree is just not enough to open the doors for you. On the inverse you may find that your degree is enough to get you through the door without work experience, but usually it’s only with the Graduate Schemes and Internships that a Degree holds any weight when trying to start out in the field your qualified in. With the Internships they are often unpaid and you have to work very hard against fierce completion on your own saved income, or income... Read More »