Cooking for couples

Training comes in all shapes and sizes; from business to pleasure, from dancing to IT, from floral arranging to cooking. No matter what you choose the premise will be the same; you will need to find the right class for you. That means the tutor, the course and your classmates will all need to fit the bill; environment is crucial to learning. When it comes to couples cooking, though, your partner is just as important (sorry if it is your husband or wife!)
Typically these classes put you and your partner under the tutelage of a chef, possibly along with other couples, and teach you to cook one particular dish. You will get put through the rigours of food prep; washing, cutting, dicing into all shapes and sizes before moving onto the actual cooking; working as a team to best prepare the dish, dividing tasks between you. The plus is you will both be able to take credit for you achievement and wow your friends at dinner parties.

Training to help the job search

For many people job seeking can be one of the most depressing, time consuming and energy sapping activities that you could possibly do with your time. It can be especially difficult when you are competing with people who have a lot more experience or qualifications than you do. You find yourself giving up on jobs before you have even started because you have sold yourself short. But what about if you did some online training? Or maybe even attended a course at your local college?
All of a sudden with some qualifications behind you you can start to feel a little bit more confident about yourself and your chances of employment going forward. So crack open the Yellow Pages, go online and check out your local college and see what they offer. It shows determination, the willingness to learn and you’ll get something out of it.

Habits: Can you train the mind?

I have some terrible habits. Things I have picked up over the years that have been difficult to shake; whether it be food or drinks that I know are bad for me, slouching in my chair or not standing up straight – I have collected a few bad ones. There is talk, however, that you can train your mind and body to ditch these bad habits, or even to start up new ones that you’d like to incorporate in your life. There is even a supposed time frame that you can adopt to help.

21 days. Twenty one days is all it takes to form or lose one of these habits, as such there specific programmes available to help train you in this three week long exercise of self discipline. Have a look on YouTube if you’re looking for a 21 day Yoga programme, get rid of the junk in your fridge today and go shopping for smoothies to have you covered for a couple of weeks, or get rid of your crisps and chocolates and replace them with a supply of rice cakes. By eliminating the temptation we go a long way to fixing these issues.

Graduate Internships: Invaluable experience

Universities do lots of good work; but one of the things that they have struggled with is properly housing students and getting them ready for the working world. Many courses, particularly arts based ones, have struggled more than others in this regard; putting highly qualified, well rounded students out into the world with very little in the way of vocational experience. One thing that has led to many of these students gaining invaluable experience in the real world is the advent of internships at major companies.
An internship is essentially a shortened contract that focuses the intern into numerous areas; teaching them and giving them valuable experience in a number of fields. In return the company gets fresh faces, new ideas and potentially a new member of staff with a free trial. Even if the intern doesn’t stay full time it’s another feather on their CV, and a number of successful internships could well provide enough experience in a field to land a full time role.

Typing Training: A modern necessity

There is one thing that mainly separates the generations in the work force. The older generation have managed to get by without a comprehensive understanding of computers. While younger generations have grown up with laptops and PCs as an integral part of their daily lives. It’s one thing to learn to understand programmes though; Word, Excel and Outlook all have courses and walkthroughs that you can follow to get the best of them at your specific level. The one thing that really separates the two is their ability to type, and the speed with which they can do it.

Yes it comes naturally to the younger folk, but there are a number of courses, lessons and techniques that you can use to improve your typing speeds. You can take tests, use breathings techniques and all other manner of methods to keep up with those pesky youngsters and show you’re just as good with computers as they are.

The importance of the apprentice

One of the most crucial areas for any business is recruitment. But, as anyone who has ever gone through that process, either as a potential applicant or as a would be employer, it can be a very time consuming, and resource consuming, endeavour. What happens if the job is not for you? Or what happens if you new employee is way out of their depth in a real world situation? Fortunately governments around the world have been looking at ways to help both parties ease through this transitional period.

One of the most popular ways that this training is given is through apprenticeship programmes. It allows people who are looking for a job to demonstrate to employers that they have the proper skillset to succeed in the role, while also giving them invaluable real world work experience. For the employer, though, they have an opportunity to test would be recruits in proper tests, see if they succeed and, if they fancy it, take some of the apprentices on full time.


ECDL: The gateway to computer training

No matter where you work, no matter what you do, whether you’re at school, working full time or job seeking; computers are essential. Almost everything in the modern age is computerised; and if you don’t have the training then you’re going to be get left behind, there’s no two ways about it. Luckily many employers and schools offer a great programme called ECDL or European Computer Driving License; a programme that covers all the major Microsoft software will hold you in good stead going forward.

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook are the main focuses of the programme, but more recent versions of ECDL will focus on more up to date versions of Microsoft Office. Considering the programme is free to do at work or many other places, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be computer literate.


How to Land a Job in Peterborough Music School

If you want to get a school job in Peterborough, then you should apply at Peterborough Music School. But you need to be reminded that there is indeed a stiff application procedure before you can land your dream job.Here are the requirements that you should meet:Degree in Music This is the first and most important requirement before you can apply as a teacher in Peterborough Music School. You must have at least finished a Bachelors Degree in Music. You will have an obvious advantage over other applicants if you have a Masteral or Doctoral Degree in Music. You should also show good scholastic records so you can have greater chances of being hired. Passion and Skills in Teaching Music

Since you will apply in a Musical School, you need to have the passion and talent in music. You can either be good in playing musical instruments, composing songs, singing or reading musical notes. Or much better, you should be good at all of these aspects. Remember that you will be competing against professionals with brilliant musical expertise. This is why your skills should be at par with their proficiency.

Is a Career in Retail Really That Bad?

Working in retail can at time be a bit of a nightmare, especially when you’re forced to work in a busy shop, for long hours around Christmas, but what are the main benefits of working in the retail industry?

Well, firstly you can enter without any qualifications and then build on from there. If you know you want to work in retail, then you can apply straight out of school and most companies have scope for progression.

It’s a growing sector and there’s also a lot of job security in retail. There’s always going to be customers that need serving or responding to, and you could stay in a job role for years and years. The retail industry also brings a lot of discounts and bonuses if you’re meeting targets, and this is definitely one of the main benefits, and most shops will provide at least some kind of discount for all staff members. So perhaps it’s actually not so bad after all – especially for those interested in progressing.

Another One Bites the Dust

Rejections happen, they have to happen because at the end of the day, jobs are precious. There’s nothing wrong with competition, but you have to be able to handle rejection if you want to succeed.

If you’re on a bit of a bad streak, possibly receiving 5 or 10 consecutive rejections from various employers, you don’t need to be alarmed. There are hundreds of people who apply for jobs, sometimes thousands, and there will be plenty of people in the same shoes as you.

When ‘another one bites the dust’ just think here’s always the next one, and there will eventually be a breakthrough if you’re persistent enough. The battle of finding a job can be made much more difficult if you’re battling with your confidence and self esteem, so don’t let rejection get you down because your next opportunity is just around the corner.

  • Challenging yourself in a Different Country

    There are so many different teaching positions across the globe and you can now teach English abroad in Dubai, China, Korea and Japan among other countries. So many different countries need fluent English teachers and you don't necessary need to know any other languages, so make sure you keep an eye out on the opportunities that lie elsewhere if you fancy a new challenge.