Going the Freelance Route

Recent graduates looking for work after university may encounter difficulties in securing employment, even with a good degree. The amount of grads out there all looking for a job is going to be high, and the search is going to be highly competitive and your skill level won’t match most of what the employers are looking for, as they often aim too high with unrealistic requirements in the hope to find a rare commodity; you could try graduate schemes for a better chance to get in the door, but again it’s highly competitive. So how do you stand out from the rest and ensure you get noticed? For software type... Read More »

Fresh Grad Web Developers; Starting Off After Uni

Starting off as a Web Developer can be tough, and it usually helps if you have had an extensive background dabbling with a particular set of programming languages before you go to University; otherwise you have to be a superstar to even get noticed at University. Usually it does not matter how good or bad your communication is with people, or even how good your programming ability is, or even your grades; if the tutors and other classmates like you, your going to get noticed.  Therefore, in conjunction with the skills you have, your going to have a greater chance of getting head hunted by a good company wanting to... Read More »

Not expanding your work

I was talking to an artist recently. She is studying a videogame design course – specifically on the art front – but told me that she does not play games at all. That is a giant red flag to me. If I am an employer in that sector my interview questions are simple; “what are your inspirations?” and “what games do you play?” and if I get an answer back along the lines of “none” – then my decision is almost made for me.   How can someone possibly be training in a field that they demonstrate absolutely no interest in? Imagine hiring someone in PR who does not read... Read More »

Unpaid work – a double edged sword

This is something that should resonate with a lot of people at the moment. As Cameron’s “employment” figures go up thanks to zero hour contracts and free labour many people are finding themselves working “internships” or “work experience” placements in the hope that one of them helps them to find a job. While the promise of that experience is a good one, we need to be very careful about why those placements are being offered and what the benefits are.   Your CV will look a little better, certainly, with the addition of some placements and experience but, at the same time, what are you giving up for that? Not... Read More »

Supply Teacher Jobs Grimsby

Teaching job does not only mean to pass on your knowledge and skill, it also provides you opportunity to remain updated. The profession of teaching offers an individual to work in different kind of environment. Hence, you get a chance to understand new people and culture, which contributes in their growth as a teacher and as an individual as well. According to your interest and area of expertize you can choose area in which you feel comfortable. You can get into preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle school or secondary school teaching. And, if you do not feel comfortable in school teaching, you have the option to jump into other fields, such... Read More »